You can find many readings for the hand palm for every line you have. Did you know that there is a special meaning when the two lines shown on the picture become one perfect line?

The discipline which takes origin back in the ancient Chinese history, can provide you with answers on every single question you have, and all that with just the lines on your palm.

Your Hands Together

There is a variety of people and not a single one hand is equal, but still there are some lines who know to be precise.
To find out what the first line below your fingers tells, place the hands together as the picture presents.
That is the line which is connected to the love life and more often it is called the line of marriage since tell the things linked to marriage. Let us see what does your “marriage line” has to say.

1. The Left Handed Line Is Higher

When the line on the right hand is lower than the left hand, then this shows that you fight for the one you love. You know how to face a challenge whenever is in front of you.
You know how to stand up for your own property and you can eliminate whatever is in your path. This is how you manage to obtain a stable and passionate relationship that many people want.
These people with higher line on the left palm, are generally known as handsome and very beautiful as well.

2. The Right Handed Line Is Higher

The line of the right palm can be higher than the one on your left, and in this case it presents the old soul you own.
As a person who tends to have a thing about older people, you might marry one which has more experience than you.
Traditional rules are not your way of living, since you know how to have fun and not follow what is ‘normal.” Most people are used to settled and out-of-trouble life, but you are not such a person since you want to live it to the fullest, with all strange and odd behavior.
You never want to catch someone lying, that is why you always meet person’s personality first and see whether it can be in your life or not.

3. Both Lines Are Perfectly Aligned

If you are the person which has the both lines of the hands matching perfectly, then you are very kind and with pure heart. Being so gentle and noble, you are the most positive thing a person can ask in life.
You can be quite sensitive, since you have good common sense, and you are great at comforting people whenever they feel low and in need of empathy.
You want a person that is well accepted by everyone you know and this is the one you will spend your life with.
As fighter and a person who can solve the problems, you have many problems with sudden changes, but you can handle it.
We hope you have all your answers about your destiny and future love life.

Via: Higher Perspectives