Generally, we know what a good and bad karma is and what we can gain or lose from it in our life.

It is very crucial for us to send good energy in order to take it ten times back. Whenever we try to do the right thing we forget about many aspects in life.

There are times when we make mistakes without even being aware and we take the consequences.


Just bare in mind that you will deserve everything if you did something on purpose.
The good karma can be achieved by improving our own thinking. You will read seven ways you can change your life with karma.

1. Focus On Your Current Goals

Probably the best way to bring good karma in your life is to focus on goals that you already set long time ago.
For this, you will need to move every distraction out of your way and do what you need to do.
We all need to take a break for some time, but we also must be stubborn when it comes to the things we want to achieve and to see the blossom of the success.
Every defeat is part of the battle for achievement, so face with the failures and think of it as another step on the ladder.

2. Be Connected To The World Around You

What this means is to stay on the ground and think of the moments that are happening right now.
If you allow any thoughts and regrets from the past, you will never have time for the life in the present.
It can be quite tricky when you plan or make any decisions for the future, because our life is changing in every single day. Therefore, we cannot be sure what it is going to happen next.
In order to bring good karma in your life, try living your life to the fullest and use all your potential every day.

3. Take Responsibility

Other way of attracting good karma is by taking responsibility for everything you have done throughout your life.
You must stand behind every single thing, whether is good or bas, you have created or committed during your lifetime.
The results are not always what we have expected to be, but claiming that this bad thing is your fault is the right thing to do.
Stay mindful in the aspect of taking responsibility, since not everyone will admit its actions.

4. Learn To Laugh At Yourself

Modesty is a value that is in the edge of disappearance but also another way to gain good karma. You must learn to laugh at yourself in order to be able to take any criticism.
As we already mentioned, failures are life lessons we must learn from so that we can improve in our life.
Do not take everything so seriously, and every now and then take a joke on your account. Humility is present long time age with people.

5. Be Patient

Learn how to be tolerant and patient with everyone around you. This is what you already know but still, not everything can be as you liked or planned in your life.
There are moments in our life that take more time and patience but we want to end it in a second. The success comes together with the calmness.
We are easily becoming anxious when we want something so bad, but an old saying goes like this – All good things come to the ones who wait for them.

6. Practice Being Kind

You need to practice to be kind to others as well as to yourself mostly. It is of utmost importance to love yourself, because once you like what you see in yourself you will like it in other people too.
A fake smile can be easily foreseen and other people will not enjoy what they feel.
Find a thing or more things that make you happy in your life and do everything in your power to achieve them.
It will come naturally to you when you need to be kind with people, so figure it out as quickly as you can..

7. Practice Being Comfortable With Change

Many people consider changes as not a great idea it can happen in life. We have hard time dealing with the things we come across since they are not so familiar to us.
The change is not a bad thing, it is simply a test we must pass and get used to. Try to be open-minded to new actions you would never do.
It will require a step out of the comfort zone, but take a risk and gain more.
Start now and you will feel much happier and positive!

Via: Higher Perspectives