There is no need of psychic medium to contact or even feel your passed loved ones. Actually, passed souls can reach us at any time we need support. Usually, they can bring a crucial message or just reassure you that everything is fine by their presence. Most of the times, we overlook these events and try to explain them as a part of our grief or overactive imagination. However, we can raise our awareness and be aware of the fact that our loved ones are here for us.


If you have a realistic dream about your deceased lover, it might be a bit lunatic vision. This is because of the effect and power the dream has on you. It can be quite intense many times that you might wake up in the middle of the night and overwhelmed with emotions. You may be quite aware of the dreaming process but still be awake and not realizing this fact.


The more often felt sense when the loved one had just passed away are a soft touch on the back or on the hand. This is a sign that the deceased is comfortable. Other people feel the presence of the loved ones in the room and making sure that they are not alone.


A very usual thing for passed spirits is to affect electrical elements in your house. More often you would find a burnt out light bulb or many devices in your home will start to act crazy without any obvious reason. What do you think; if you were on the other side would you do the same thing?


Many times there has been missing things and over a period they would appear on random places. It can be very spooky and you probably will think that something wrong is happening in your mind, but keep calm since all they need is attention.

This is because you are not listening and refuse to see the obvious. On contrary, you might lose something and it is of great importance to you, when all of a sudden it appears in a very strange place. You already checked that place which is too easy to find a thing, but there it is releasing you from the stress.


It is more common for us to remember things while using our sense of smell since it is very strong. We need only one scent to bring back all memories we had together.

The most common accounts of fragrances are the smell of cigars or tobacco cigarette while no one is smoking in the room. Also, there can appear some trace of flowers or familiar perfume.

Interesting Story:

A little 3-years-old girl was playing in the kitchen set in the room downstairs. She held a plastic spoon, plate and food. On the question whether she was making lunch she answered positively but that she should take some for Bill as well. The mother thought it is funny and moved on with her work.

The girl came back with another plate and the mother asked who is Bill. The girl said that he is sitting at the kitchen table with a serious face. The mother tried to think of the words when she realized that the girl was speaking for the old neighbor. He had 90 years and passed away two years ago and the girl had only one year.

Via: Enlightened-Consciousness